A note of gratitude for your immense, embracing support in some of my scariest and most confused moments.
— M.B., Colorado
From a couple in 2017:

The wife:
When I think of how Marlene appeared at just
the right time in my life, in the most unlikely way, I can’t help but think it was simply my higher power (certainly an idea I have been growing into) showing off. I have not been a big believer in the effectiveness of therapists and could never quite justify the “expense.” I think that is simply because I hadn’t yet come across one who had done his or her own work. I believe that is what can
make a difference and create untold value. Marlene is a woman who has done, and continues to do her own work. She is willing to look at herself and ask
challenging questions, feel her emotions and dare to be more. For me, this translates to someone who can
speak with authority from personal experience,
someone I can trust. She is a brilliant guide, beyond
insightful and let’s nothing go unsaid. 
The husband:
As a therapist, Marlene radiates wisdom, courage, hope and love. After having worked with many therapists as an individual, husband and parent for
more than 30 years, and now that I am a therapist
myself, I feel qualified to say that Marlene is one of a
select few who is truly gifted and able to connect with others in an organic way that creates lasting and
meaningful change. Her intuition, presence and sense of timing is extraordinary. Quite honestly, with our respective backgrounds and experience in life, my wife and I (both as individuals and a couple) would have eaten and spit out the average therapist. Instead, Marlene expertly guided us through some of the most challenging and transformational work either of us have ever done. For the person who is truly ready for positive change and is ready to work, Marlene is a rare find.
— JW and AW
Thank you for my new identity, strong boundaries, being the “CEO” of my life, and a strong spiritual base.
— E.T., Arizona
Thank you for helping me to realize I need to love myself. I have to spend time alone without T.V. or radio. I need to be honest. I was entertained by your honesty and being over the top. I liked the interaction between you and the participants.
— M.C., Brussels, Belgium
I believe that occasionally I cross paths with someone who is a signpost, that redirects me in another direction, a healthier direction. You are a signpost for me.
— P.H., Arizona
I realize I need to work on loving and accepting myself more so I can represent myself authentically. I liked your talk about relationships, and how they help us heal ourselves.
— H.D., Brussels, Belgium
Thank you for your tenderness, sensitivity, and wisdom.
— D.B., Santa Fe
You truly have a gift and you were certainly a gift to me. Your mastery at getting to the core, and reaching the essence of my soul, my inner child, was amazing.
— G.K., Santa Fe
I cannot thank you enough for your help, guidance, compassion, understanding and love. I thank the good lord for directing me here and into your capable hands.
— F.C., Arizona
I just want to say - “you rock”.
You will always be a part of my existence. As your wisdom, guidance, compassion, and truth will most certainly be in my heart.
— M. S., Arizona
You made a real impact on my life.
— M.T., Santa Fe
Your sessions are always thought-provoking and fun. I always go home with something to chew on and work on. I look forward to the next session.
— G.H., Colorado
I learned I’m too hard on myself, and I am too negative. I continually read your handouts and practice incorporating them into my life. I know change is slow, I just have to relax and let it begin.
— S.N., Arizona
I learned my feelings and needs are important.
— T. K., Santa Fe
I learned to allow spirit and myself to connect and be empowered. I enjoyed your flow of free spirit, sharing, and offering of nurturance and encouragement.
— M.N., Santa Fe
I learned to start putting myself first so I can move forward on my journey. I loved your dancing, tears, and one on one. It was a very eye-opening experience to realize I have the right to look inside and make me happy and that I’m the only one that can make me happy.
— C.F., Arizona
I enjoyed being surrounded by those who are on their spiritual journey, and appreciated the interaction, questions, and comments you provided.
— J.O., Brussels, Belgium
I feel your program provided an excellent opportunity to look inward, something I don’t do enough.
— A.T., Brussels, Belgium