Meet Marlene Milner


Marlene left the corporate world behind when she began her Master’s Program in Transpersonal Counseling.

During her tenure as an intern, and then an employee at an internationally renowned treatment center serving celebrity clients from around the world, Marlene worked and was mentored by some of the giants in the world of recovery.

Pia Mellody, John Bradshow, Claudia Black, Terry Real, and Patrick Carnes are all contributors to Marlene’s insightful education in the area of codependence and its relationship to addiction.

Knowing that codependence is the foundation of addiction and is often overlooked, Marlene has designed the program, Beyond 12 Step, giving her clients the tools to live consciously and authentically from a place of personal power and love.

During Marlene’s affiliation with her clients and leaders in the field, Marlene healed her own co-dependence, realizing it was the culprit who’d robbed her of her personal power all her life.

It’s through Marlene’s passion in experiencing the freedom and power of “being her own best ally” that Beyond 12 Step and Starheart Innertainment were born - to give others the tools for self-awareness, self-empowerment and self-love.